The latest development in technologically augmented fitness!

Zone Laser Sports brings you a speed-ball style fast-paced tactical scoring game, which requires an intense amount of fitness, tactical play and communication.

Drawing on leadership skills, reflexes, distance judgement and flexibility to perform at the top of your game, Zone Laser Sports is about the most fun you can have on a court.

The game is played with two teams of up to five, starting at the opposite ends of a court filled with inflatable obstacles. The players are kitted-out in the latest technological advancements from Zone – a fibre-weaved breathable vest equipped with a light-weight durable phaser for tagging the opponents sensors. This game can be played at long range, or short range, so speed is essential.

Each team has a base at their end of the court – and if you are tagged, you must return to your base to be put back in play. You score by tagging your opponent’s base once.

Unlike traditional laser tag operations, Zone Laser Sports is a fully portable system, designed to be taken to and set up at a school, a fair, a sports centre or a convention.

It is the perfect system to couple with an action adventure day at a school, or to set up a social or competitive league. The Zone Laser Sports arena is separated into two halves, with inflatable obstacles providing cover.

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This video is from the 2017 Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championships, which featured 37 teams and 216 players battling it out over ten days!

This year’s Australasian Championships featured a guest team from Finland.

The Laser Sports kit

The Zone Laser Sports kit is a complete system ready to roll-out to venues. It’s complete with the Helios 2 laser tag system from Zone, WiFi bases, operation/scoreboard PC, and pre-loaded lasers sports games.

Zone laser Sports is played on Helios 2 equipment from Zone. Helios 2 is a laser tag system purpose built for comfort and manoeuvrability, making it perfect for running.

The fibre-weaved breathable vest hugs the body and is lightweight and flexible to allow for fast-paced action. Each vest is equipped with a light-weight durable phaser for tagging the opponents sensors. There is audio, visual and tactile feedback from player tag and activation.

There are 11 inflatable obstacles of varying sizes to set up in the court. The entire system can run on batteries, including the control server. Additional offline-online membership and player alias allocation are available.




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