Vest Racks

Zone vest racks have been the industry’s leading laser tag vesting and charging solution for nearly a decade…

With DMX (or remote controlled) lighting, Zone vest racks are designed to really ‘wow’ your players as they enter the kit-up room.

They’re simple to install and, with our vests, really make the room come alive and provide a great atmosphere for your players as they get kitted-up and ready to enter the arena.

Unlike some of the other product on the market, Zone vest racks are structurally designed with polycarbonate plastics to take a real beating and last for years.

Zone vest racks are the laser tag world’s most trusted vesting and charging solution, and are working in hundreds of Zone sites around the world.

Zone vest racks feature:

  • operator ability to control pack colours with a touch of a button on the MOC application (on your smartphone)
  • simple yet beautiful charging solution
  • easy installation
  • structurally-designed and carefully constructed to prevent breakage or damage and ensure years of use.

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