Zone’s newest product offering – available January 2018!

Phasor Strike is the new approach from Zone: a high-end laser game systems that demands quality alongside affordability. Phasor Strike provides a high-end gameplay experience that only Zone can deliver.



With Phasor Strike, Zone has put our 30+ years of experience into producing a genuinely affordable system, without sacrificing quality or player experience.

Phasor Strike is a fully scalable system, allowing you to invest earlier and start your laser tag business sooner. As your business grows, Phasor Strike can be expanded, with more features, more vests, more hardware, and more games.

Phasor Strike sports the timeless sci-fi feel Zone laser tag is famous for, with a tried and true phaser design. The polypropylene mesh vest is lightweight and comfortable.



With our one-year return-to-base warranty and full ‘out-of-the-box’ system, you can be earning in no time at all. Just power-up the Game Computer, plug-in the batteries, and away you go.

Comfort and durability

Phasor Strike is a feat of design – packing so many features into such an affordable product. Deliver your players the experience that will keep them coming back again and again. That’s the Zone promise.

Phasor Strike is rugged yet comfortable – the perfect system for excited players. It features:

  • super-lightweight vest
  • durable hardware
  • low-profile plastics
  • magnetic triggers
  • capacitive two-hand sensor
  • protectively-housed electronics
  • all-day battery life

Simple operations

Phasor Strike is designed to be plug-and-play, with operations so simple that games practically run themselves.

Phasor Strike features:

  • black box control
  • one-push game start
  • web interface for settings
  • reliable 5G WiFi connections
  • smartphone operation

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