2017 saw the Laser Tag World Championships host site, Belfort (France), come alive for a week in an explosion of action.

If you weren’t there you missed the competition of a lifetime, have a look here for a better idea.

The winners:

  • First place: GP from Finland
  • Second place: Cobras from New Zealand
  • Third place: Legacy from Finland. 

The Worlds Council (which runs the Laser Tag World Championship) is now planning 2020, and is looking for:

  • nominations to be the ‘host’ site
  • registration of teams.

Zone is proud to continue to sponsor and support the Laser Tag World Championships – which we’ve been doing since 2003!
World Championship Logo

Here at ZLTE, we’d love to have one of our operators host 2020 at their site, and for our more competitive players across Europe to register to play!

For more information, or for nomination or registration forms, you can get in touch with either: