Phasor Strike delivers a high-end gameplay experience that only Zone can provide, with operations so simple the games practically run themselves.

With Phasor Strike, Zone has put our 30+ years of experience into producing a genuinely affordable system, without sacrificing quality or player experience. Phasor Strike is a fully scalable system, allowing you to invest earlier and start your laser tag business sooner. As your business grows, Phasor Strike can be expanded, with more features, more vests, more hardware, and more games.

An all new phasor, all-day battery life, smart phone control and a host of other amazing features combine to make Phasor Strike the right fit for any FEC.

Like our award-winning Helios range, Phasor Strike has two systems: Phasor Strike Classic and Phasor Strike Tactical. 

Phasor Strike Classic sports the timeless sci-fi feel Zone Laser Tag is famous for, with a tried and true phaser design. The polypropylene mesh vest is lightweight and comfortable. Phasor Strike Classic is best suited for FECs and operations focused on a younger demographic (see image below).

Phasor Strike Tactical is the same advanced technology, encased in a more tactical aesthetic. A slightly larger camouflage vest with a more militaristic style phaser offers a different play experience. Phasor Strike Tactical is best suited for stand-alone operations catering to all age levels.

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