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Markston Sports outdoor products are a real laser tag experience, designed to be different from the many laser skirmish products out there today in the way it provides real-time feedback and scoring.

Markston Sports is a system that provides all the fun of paintball but without the pain or the mess. It is a perfect fit for corporate events, schools, youth groups, parties, holiday camps, and as a pain-free option for paintball fields.

  • Awesome outdoor gameplay
  • GPS gameplay (Command Control Centre)
  • All-weather hardware
  • Accurate optics – reliable radio
  • Multifunctional MORD accessory

Awesome outdoor gameplay

Markston Sports brings 30+ years of experience in laser tag gaming to the outdoor laser tag market. Markston Sports delivers a “Counter Strike” style experience with real-time scoring and feedback.

With the introduction of the GPS Command Control Centre, outdoor laser tag games come alive with immersive gameplay options never before seen in the outdoor market. It’s all there to see on our Full HD scoreboard!

The guns are rugged and easy to use, with lights, speakers, and an LCD screen providing instant gameplay feedback and information. With multiple scattering sensors, tagging is accurate at long distances on either the Assault rifle or Sniper rifle.

The ‘true colour’ dot sight provides real-time tactical information with six colours: indicating aiming, tagged enemy, tagged friendly, and more.

All-weather hardware

Markston Sports is strong and lightweight, designed to be rugged for repeat play in any environment. A die-cast exoskeleton of aircraft grade aluminium for the body, a 6061T6 extrusion tool for the barrel and 20 other plastic injection moulded parts made of either fiberglass injected nylon or polycarbonate pieces.

A dual position magnetic trigger system and a pair of magnetic push buttons are designed for reliability and easy use. The dual position trigger has one position to pulse the red laser and the other to fire the weapon itself where distance is minimal for repeat action. The two buttons are used with our graphics LCD for menu selection.

Markston Sports Phaser

Accurate optics and reliable radio

The most basic component, optics, must be exact to achieve optimum performance. After all, outdoor tag is about the transmission and capture of light. Markston Sports MS4 achieves unequaled distance and accuracy in IR transmission for the size and weight of the rifle. Light refracting sensor covers scatter and disperses the IR across the target sensors for accurate IR detection at distances.

Markston Sports radio is specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements of outdoor laser tag, while never sacrificing on gameplay. Operating with a central sever, in addition to peer-to-peer communication allows for comprehensive accurate coverage as well as real-time scoring. Markston Sports produces reliable communication contained within invisible ‘black box’ technology—for the operator, it just works.

Multi-functional MORD accessory

Want to bring more out of your Markston Sports gameplay? The multifunctional Markston Outdoor Remote Device (‘MORD’) is a compact game expansion device, designed to be as rugged as the system itself. The MORD can operate in a number of exciting modes providing player interactivity and simplifying operations.

With GPS connectivity, MORD options bring even more excitement to games.

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