Great return-on-investment with low up-front cost

Opening a laser tag or family entertainment centre? Chances are you’ve got an idea about location and your target market (players), but have you thought about the best commercial model for your laser tag equipment.

Zone is the oldest and largest laser tag company in the world, and we have a solution for you – leasing. When you lease Zone equipment, you don’t have to worry about paying the entire cost of the equipment up-front – one less thing to worry about.

2018 is a milestone year for Zone – we’ve been making laser tag for over 30 years, and we have over 1500 sites running Zone laser tag worldwide, in over 35 countries. It’s going to be a year to celebrate – new product releases, new site openings, major new functionality, increased global integration between players and operators across our Zone Membership system, and much more!

Paying for your laser tag equipment means that you’re going to have the same equipment for a long time. In the world of ever-changing technology and increasing player expectations, that equipment can become obsolete in a matter of a few years.

Leasing represents a great way for you to get the best laser tag system there is, and join the world’s biggest laser tag family, without a big upfront payment, and with future flexibility to easily upgrade to newer models down the track.

Our leasing options mean that a Zone system can be leased over three or five years, with low monthly payments cash-flowed to your laser tag income.

With Zone leasing you really can afford the best, and ensure your players get the best laser tag experience available today!

No other laser tag provider that we know of offers leasing, and we think it’s a great way to help new operators to start up, with the best equipment, and to deliver a great player experience and a solid return-on-investment.

We offer different terms (typically three or five years), low rates, and a simple automated monthly payment cycle. It’s easy… And at the end of the lease term you can either return the equipment for an upgrade, or buy-it-out for a low price.

The benefits of leasing with Zone include:

  • no big up-front payment
  • cash-flow the repayments as your laser tag site makes money
  • all service, support, and warranty are included as part of the package – no stress and no worries
  • monthly payments are simple, easy, and automated
  • annual review with your account manager to ensure you and your system are happy and working well together
  • great tax opportunities with leasing arrangements
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