At Zone sites, safety always comes first…

Lasers used in Zone laser tag equipment are registered with the US Food and Drug Administration (‘FDA’), and are compliant with US, European, and Australian/New Zealand laser safety standards.

All Zone lasers are classified as ‘Class 2’, meaning they emit visible light with power levels less than one milliwatt (‘mW’) of radiant power. Class 2 lasers are safe for public use because, in the event of contact with the eye, adequate eye protection is afforded by normal aversion responses (including the blink reflex).

Although our phasers are Class 2 and safe for public use, Zone goes further to ensure the safety of our players: we have restricted the maximum output pulse length to 200 milliseconds. The restricted output pulse means that each time the laser is activated it comes on for a maximum of 200 milliseconds. In the unlikely event of contact with a player’s eye, the laser cannot maintain contact for more than a fraction of a second.

Zone laser tag is designed with all targets located on the vest and phasor – there are no targets located on a helmet or hat. This means that players aim their phaser towards the pack and not the head, making accidental contact with eyes less likely.

Zone has been producing laser tag equipment for over 30 years, longer than any other laser tag provider.

Zone equipment is powering over 1500 laser tag sites around the world, and we know how important it is to keep safety at the forefront of everything we do.  We have exhaustively researched every possible means to determine the likelihood of injury to any participant exposed to lasers used in our equipment. We have has explicitly confirmed that CDRH permits the use of ‘Class 1’ and ‘Class 2M’ lasers in consumer products, specifically in our equipment. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

It is worth noting that the US Consumer Product Safety Commission(‘CPSC’) has never filed any warnings, complaints, or hazards with us or the broader laser tag industry regarding the lasers used.

In the last 30 years, there have been no:

  • claims filed with any insurance company on behalf of any players injury from laser tag lasers
  • workers compensation claims made by any employee for any injury related to laser tag lasers.

The laser tag industry continues to grow every year, and to our knowledge no player in the last 30+ years has reported any injury due to exposure to laser tag lasers.

Based on that, it is reasonable to conclude that Zone laser tag lasers pose no threat to the safety of your players.

Come and play with us and you can see for yourself (or you could read our 30-page Zone Laser Safety Guide, but we don’t recommend it – it’s pretty dull).


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