Introducing ‘O-Zone’

O-Zone is a ground-up re-engineering of the operating system running Zone sites worldwide.

O-Zone is based on the principles of simplicity, control, and ease-of-use, and takes advantage of modern technology and security.

Zone’s new Helios2 system with the O-Zone platform make running your arena a breeze! O-Zone has been designed and built to support the next-generation of WiFi-enabled arena accessories, further reducing wiring and time and money spend on installation.

Operators can start and finish games types, interact with vests, change settings and colours, print scorecards, and access diagnostics data, all from the pal of their hands, anywhere and anytime. You can access O-Zone from any internet connected device.

  • Operations are beautifully simple and easy to manage
  • Locked-down system with multi-user security
  • A dedicated all-in-one ‘black box’ laser tag system: just for laser tag!
  • Run your site from any WiFi-enabled device

O-Zone ships with Zone’s newest offering, Helios2.

O-Zone will be available shortly to existing Helios sites for swap-out shortly. The best news? It’s quick, easy, and cheap! Operators can either upgrade themselves or a Zone technician can come and help!

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