Zone’s Helios PRO is more than outstanding design; it’s an evolution in concept, bristling with innovation after innovation never seen before in the laser tag industry! All Zone exclusive! Laser games with Helios PRO are vibrant and exhilarating, a thrilling experience for all ages. No other laser tag company provides the quality, features and the excitement that Helios PRO brings to laser tag gaming.

Helios PRO is not just a laser tag system; it’s an all-encompassing laser game operational platform designed by the world’s leading laser tag company. Perfect for the buyer that needs only the best.

Global membership, safe, intuitive gameplay, innovative, durable hardware, customisable software, simple operations, dynamic diagnostic tools, fully-integrated arena accessories, 24/7 support, multiple arena functionality, and much more…

Intuitive gameplay

With well over 50 unique, customisable games and features never seen before, Helios PRO really is the best laser tag playing experience. Contact us to receive a copy of the Helios PRO Big Book of Games.

Helios PRO keeps your players safe. Zone has consistently pushed for two handed play, even in competitive play. Not only is it far safer, it just feels more natural, and our large capacitive sensors are virtually impossible to cheat. Helios PRO features a super-soft, large rubber nozzle protector and a customisable accelerometer ’tilt’ system to prevent rough play.

Durable hardware

Helios PRO sees tens of thousands of players each week in venues right across the world. Operators know they’re getting the best when using Zone products. Helios PRO brings new features and design to heighten and streamline the laser tag experience and eliminate failure points common to other systems.

Zone has been producing laser tag systems for over 30 years—we know laser tag players. The Helios PRO platform is innovative, while remaining true to a core of playability, comfort and durability. This is why we’ve kept our core vest design, built with a combination of super-strong polypropylene mesh, coarse cell foam, wetsuit material and seatbelt webbing. It’s light, durable and comfortable—for both men and women—and it’s sweat resistant and easy to clean.

Customisable software

Helios PRO’s customisable software provides the best operating experience on the market – read more on the ‘Helios PRO software‘ page.

Diagnostic tools

Helios PRO provides adavced diagnostics and maintenance tools to streamline your operations. These tools can be accessed either on the game computer or the MOC app in real time.

Helios PRO automatically checks each component: LEDs, speakers, sensors, chargers, cables and more. The operator receives instant notifications—faults are fixed earlier, keeping the maximum number of vests running at all times.

A diagnostic overview of all vests at all times enables quick identification of issues, whether that be a faulty sensor or low battery charge. Every board is embedded with unique identification, accurately tracking faults and resolving issues faster.

Our Helios laser tag systems are incredibly easy to maintain as any internal component is hot-swappable, meaning you just open the plastics, pull out any circuit board or part that may be malfunctioning and then replace it with a new board from your spare parts kit. No soldering required!

Arena accessories

With Helios PRO, players experience the thrill as soon as they ‘vest up’ with Zone’s top-of-the-line vest and phaser. Combine that with our range of arena accessories and your players will be immersed in a vibrant, interactive gaming experience.

Zone Arena accessories bring new and exciting experiences for players: whether they’re tagging targets for special powers or stealthily changing their vest colour at a Game Station.

Zone’s accessories aren’t just bolted on. Full integration into the Helios PRO platform enables new features in all game types and additional special games such as Base Defender (using targets), and Assassins (using Game Stations).

Check out the ‘Helios PRO Big Book of Games‘ for a complete list of Helios PRO games.

You can read more about our arena accessories for Helios PRO here.

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