The most advanced and user-friendly software on the market!

The benefits of Helios PRO software

Helios PRO’s customisable software provides the best operating experience on the market – simultaneously pushing boundaries in two directions: combining more features and customize-ability with simpler, faster operations.

Helios PRO has well over 50 unique games, which are all fully customisable. We’re a big proponent of the idea “play the way you want”: allowing operators to combine and customize parameters and scoring to suit players at their site, even down to specific player groups and demographics.

Helios software is designed to provide Zone operators with as much flexibility and control as possible: handicapping style, music and sound management, DMX, and much more are all available for operators to manage based on the individual requirements of their own sites!

Helios has a huge range of software features – these are just a few:

  • touchscreen technology
  • Android tablet compatible
  • print or reprint game scorecards
  • view games played or minutes played
  • view online devices
  • view license details and pay for play status immediately
  • check all vest statuses
  • multiple arena functionality
  • much much more!

Unlike some competitors, all Zone software is completely included in the price. There are no hidden extras for updates or additional games.

The Helios Mobile Operations Command (‘MOC’) app

Helios has seen the introduction of the Mobile Operation Control (‘MOC’) app, which runs on a Zone-suplied smartphone.

The MOC app allows operators to start and finish games, interact with vests, change settings and colours, print scorecards, access diagnostic data, and much more. This makes running your laser tag much simpler, quicker, and more efficient!

Each Helios system is supplied with two smartphones to ensure your arena staff always have control of the game.

Here are a list of controls you’ll have with your MOC device:

  • Referee management – start and stop vests, administer penaltys and/or see the remaining time and team scores
  • Infrared capabilities for quick data transmission
  • Full colour smart phone touch screen with easy to understand instructions
  • Changing languages on packs
  • Running special modes (e.g. Vest Singing Happy Birthday Packs)
  • Running advanced game formats – any game available in your game software
  • Programming reloads and mines – control your arena accessories
  • Managing vest IDs
  • Managing multiple arenas
  • Maintenance tests – get notified when any issue arises with your vests immediately
  • Vest location tests – find the vest you need in a split second
  • Instant fault notifications for Packs
  • Battery voltage tracking for Each Vest – Keep your vests going and know when charging is necessary
  • Change pack colours
  • Change vesting rack colours
  • More functionality being added all the time…

We also provide a series of instructional videos on how to use the MOC in all these instances.

These simple how-to videos were created specifically to walk operators through each part of the MOC and give you an idea of what your handheld device is capable of.

Never before has a laser tag system been so easy to use and configure. You and your staff can have complete control over your laser tag attraction all the time!

Self-diagnostics and diagnostic reporting

Helios packs conduct a self-diagnostic sweep periodically.

A diagnostic overview of all packs at all times enables quick identification of issues, whether that be faults or low charge. Every board is embedded with unique identification, providing  accurate fault tracking and resolving issues faster.

The site owner or manager can request a self-diagnostic report using the game handheld android device at their conveniece.

Customisable format editor enables endless entertainment

Some of our best game formats are built out of operator creations!

Zone’s extensive list of games are amazingly editable. Just select a format, create a copy, and adjust it however you like. Create formats that literally no one else has played before—what a great way to market to your existing customers to keep them returning.

With Helios PRO you can ‘tweak’:

  • scoring parameters
  • two-hand mode
  • deactivation time
  • number of stuns to to deactivate
  • stun time
  • firing rate
  • limited power or health
  • base mode
  • base hits to destroy
  • reloads
  • many many more parameters.

Supporting Zone Membership

Zone’s Helios systems are designed to maximise long-term player engagement through our global ‘Zone Membership’ system, which provides global achievements and experience points.

For more information please see our ‘Zone Membership‘ page.


Helios has a broad reporting capability: designed to provide our operators all the information they need to operate their sites efficiently and successfully.

 One of the most used reports is the ‘Games Played Reports’, which allows you to audit the number of games played versus your cash intake. The Games Played Report is independent of your point-of-sale system, and cannot be modified by any staff member, allowing for a safe and secure method to audit your laser tag revenue.

Audio player

Helios PRO software offers Zone operators ability to add their own sound tracks.

Simply add the songs to our easy to use interface and they will play during the laser tag game, and the music will automatically start when the laser tag game starts!

No longer will you have to press play/stop on a CD player to have music in the laser tag arena.

Don’t forget you can use the Zone Arena Music we’ve developed before, during, and after games – there is hours of it: available to all Zone operators royalty free!

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