Helios PRO – the biggest selection of games in laser tag


Zone Laser Tag is the leader in laser tag games. Not only do we have a fantastic format editor in which operators can combine elements and modify parameters to generate their own games, but we also have the largest catalogue of unique laser tag game formats.

Most players’ initial experience with laser tag is a standard team or solo game—and for many customers that’s more than enough fun. But Zone’s ever-increasing catalogue of exciting game formats is part of the reason players return to Zone sites again and again.

There are currently 54 unique game formats—and that number is increasing every few months. From chaotic fun to role playing games, Zone laser tag formats have something for everyone.

See more information about Zone ‘game formats and play‘.

Helios PRO Big Book of Games

Click below to download the ‘Helios PRO Big Book of Games‘ and explore all that Helios PRO has to offer.


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