Helios PRO, our best-selling product, supports loads of Zone arena accessories!

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Zone’s Bases mean more than just blinking targets for team games, they mean profits and exciting options for your corporate and group events.

Team games can account for almost two thirds of your laser tag game sales. Bases can offer a strategic element of defense and extra points for players to score with. The bases are fully programmable with our HELIOS Software to add a number of options and game formats.

For more information visit our bases page.


Arena targets are small, multi-coloured, super-bright LED devices integrated into the laser game operating system.

Targets don’t just provide one extra game; they are multi-functional game enhancements that can be applied in multiple different ways to nearly all Helios games!

For more information visit our targets page.

Illuminated vest racks

Zone vest racks have been the industry’s leading laser tag vesting and charging solution for nearly a decade…

With DMX (or remote controlled) lighting, Zone vest racks are designed to really ‘wow’ your players as they enter the kit-up room!

For more information visit our vest-rack page.


With the Helios scoreboard, operators can select their moving live background to suit their theme at any time. 

Don’t settle for boring ordinary scoreboards when you can have dynamic and captivating scoreboards.

For more information visit our scoreboards page.

Pick-up Pads

The Pick-up Pad is an illuminated power pick-up platform with a beacon light from above.

The Pick-up Path activates when a player steps onto the device.  That player then gets to choose or purchase (using in-game currency) from a list of special powers and gear.

For more information visit our Pick-up Pad page.

Game Stations

Game Stations are special interactive wall-mounted, touch screen devices incorporated into the Helios game architecture.

The backlit Perspex CNC milled is bright and beautiful and draws players in.

Game Stations can be used for special functions, games, and quizzes.

For more information visit our Game Station page.


The Zone Gate is a multi-functional arena doorway that can be captured and turned against opponents.

It’s lit with multicolour super-bright LED strips and incorporates speakers for that immersive interactivity that players crave.

It can be used in three different modes: capture, reload, or random.

For more information visit our Gates page.

Energises / Mines

This combined mine/energiser allows the operator to configure one device to act in either capacity thereby saving them money.

As a mine, this device is a neutral object that emits a pulse that deactivates all players in a close proximity.

As an energiser (or re-energiser), this device can replenish either the player’s health or shot’s depending on the game format.

For more information visit our Energises/Mines page.

Custom arena features

Make imaginative use of our arena technologies by incorporating them into stunning custom features that players will tell their friends about. Energisers and mines built into themed props will create a richer experience for players as well as making the game more immersive. 

For more information visit our partner company Playfitters.

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