The best-selling and most reliable laser tag system on the market…

Looking for an affordable, rugged, and user-friendly laser tag product for your entertainment facility?

Helios CE is the latest line of laser tag equipment from Zone, the industry leader in laser tag equipment technology.

Redesigned from the baseline set by the incredibly popular Nexus and Rift systems, and with the latest technology, Zone has developed a high-end system clearly more advanced than any competitor at a price that is truly amazing.

Helios CE offers vastly improved reliability with a longer warranty and so many new features. Helios CE has the famous Zone laser tag look-and-feel, plus our fast action play with the instantaneous hit recognition that has made us number one worldwide! Produced by the world’s leading laser tag company – Zone!

  • Tried and tested hardware
  • Lightweight, thin vest
  • Clear and accurate tagging
  • Four brilliant colours
  • Screen animations
  • Alias on screen
  • Clear mp3 audio
  • Instant tactile feedback
  • Four hit zones with scaling scoring system
  • Multilingual text and audio
  • Two-hand play
  • Multi-level abuse controller
  • Sings “Happy Birthday” to guests
  • Multiple arena functionality


Four vibrant colours

Helios CE offers four super bright LED colours that can integrate with multiple game formats, regardless of how many bases or teams you have. The colors available are red, blue, green, yellow.

360-degree tag radius

Helios CE has six sensor areas located on the front, back, shoulders, and phaser creating a 360 tag radius. Protected with a durable polycarbonate mold, these shells can resist incredible impacts.


Helios CE phaser

The Helios CE phaser is one of the most durable pieces of equipment in our laser tag industry.

Designed to be sleek, colorful, lightweight, and dependable, the Helios phaser pefectly compliments every aspect of the Helios vest, providing your players with an unforgettable laser tag experience...

Anti-abuse accelerometer 

Our Helios laser tag systems have a built-in anti-abuse accelerometer that prevents your equipment from being damaged by accident or on purpose. You can set the accelerometer to remove the player from the game after a pre-set number of potentially damaging instances occur.

Family-friendly phaser design

Zone phasers offers a natural grip that is easy to use for all ages. There are no buttons to squeeze or multiple buttons to confuse you.

Ergonomic durable phaser cable

The latest version of our robotic phaser cable is designed to be lightweight, yet rugged. Our cables are designed for years of use!


Helios CE vest

Ultra thin and ultra light

Helios vests incorporate surface mount technology leading to exceptionally small space requirements for the sensor and light areas on the vest and phaser. This enables the Helios product to be incredibly low profile.

By using the some of the space savings from reducing the circuit board height, the material thickness of the plastic covers has been increased which will inevitably lead to a more durable product. All this and more has been achieved while saving on weight, the new Helios vest and phaser is over 1kg lighter than any previous equipment produced by Zone.

Front clips and adjustable side-straps

The Helios vest is designed to be put on like a rain coat, allowing small children as well as larger players to suit up without difficulty. The side straps can also be adjusted to fit players of all body types.



When it comes to durability, no other laser tag system can match our award-winning laser tag equipment.

Our packs have been tested under the most ruthless conditions and stress testing to make sure your laser tag attraction won’t buckle under abuse or rough play. We’ve seen other laser tag equipment crack and break when dropped and knocked, and our customers deserve better than that!

For more info please visit our ‘durability‘ page.

Simple repairs with ‘Swaptronics’

Zone’s Helios PRO laser tag systems are incredibly easy to maintain as any internal component is ‘hot-swappable’, meaning you just open the plastics, pull-out any board or part that may be malfunctioning and then replace it with a new board from your spare parts kit.

No soldering required!

Then you just send us the broken parts back and we’ll replace them for your spare parts kit.

In 1996, we trademarked the term ‘Swaptronics’ to describe the ease of replacing parts on our laser tag equipment.

Our technology is designed to assist our operators in making repairs both easy and quick. The longer your packs are down, the more revenue it’s costing you. We’re dedicated to making sure any pack’s downtime is as minimal as possible.


For more info please check out our ‘supporting your operations‘ and ‘customer support‘ pages.

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