Helping our operators deliver the best player experience possible!

At Zone, we’re all about helping our operators to create an amazing player experience – to ensure your players keep coming back again and again.

This page lists just a few of the ways, aside from our amazing equipment, that we’re trying to help our operators deliver an amazing player experience with Helios CE.

Zone Membership

Zone’s global membership system (Zone Membership) comes alive for players in Helios CE by tapping into the massively popular world of online gaming.

Embedded into each and every game are sets of skills and achievements for players to work toward and brag about.

With custom-printed member cards, logging-on with a simple tap and photos and avatars that show on-screen and scoreboard when tagging, laser tag membership has never been so engaging.

Zone Membership boosts repeat play and creates outstanding marketing opportunities, from the cards themselves to Facebook integration and database marketing.

With our patented NFC/QR membership system, and games with in-built achievement and experience points (‘XP’) levels, players are able to collect achievements, earn rankings, and compare themselves locally and to our worldwide player database.

Singing ‘happy birthday’

Helios CE sings “Happy Birthday” to the birthday guest!

Making your birthday guest feel special has never been easier! Your Helios PRO pack will sing “Happy Birthday” before the game begins. Enhance your birthday party sales today!


Our scoreboards are a vibrant and dynamic part of your laser tag experience. Having a motion video scoreboard helps capture the excitement and energy of your attraction and carries it to the end of the laser tag experience for your players.

With the Helios scoreboards, operators can select their moving live background to suit their theme at any time.

Adding multiple scoreboards to your arena foyer really adds excitement and engagement to players and friends before, during, and after each game!

Here are some other benefits to our scoreboards:

  • multiple different versions of portrait and landscape scoreboard.
  • animations for base hits and achievements with Zone Membership
  • animated android background
  • timed video advertising.
  • unlimited scoreboards over WiFi – really spice-up your site!

Don’t settle for boring ordinary scoreboards when you can have dynamic and captivating scoreboards!

Zone Arena Music

Operators know that music is key to a fun and exciting atmosphere. But costs can be an issue.

Working with exciting new sound artists, we’ve developed hours of high intensity music—from the styles of soundtrack and electronic dance music—and provided to our operators at no charge. And we’re working on more. Let us know what you’d like to hear in your Zone arena.

These can be downloaded from the Zone Operator Kit (accessible to all Zone operators via Dropbox).

Briefing videos

With the Helios release, we’ve developed exciting new live-action briefing videos!

These briefing videos are provided to our operators as part of the Helios package.

They can be customised for: site name, language, whether you have Zone Membership, and whether you use Targets.

There are lots of languages available for our operators worldwide; and we make it super-easy to create a new version with a new language if we don’t already have it!

The best accessories to match the best equipment

Even with the best equipment, having a range of arena accessories for players to interact with really brings your arena to life… Check out our Helios CE arena accessories range here.

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