Zone Gate

The Zone Gate is a multi-functional arena doorway that can be captured and turned against opponents. It’s lit with multicolour super-bright LED strips and incorporates speakers for that immersive interactivity that players crave. Integrating our popular target technology, the Zone Gate can tag and be tagged by players and adds something special to the Zone game architecture. Put it at the entrance to bases so that players have to tag it to enter, or around the arena in strategic places.

  • Capture mode – Players can tag the Gate to capture it and turn it to their team colour. They can pass through, but other team’s players will be tagged.
  • Random mode – The gate changes color randomly, allowing only those of the colour being displayed to pass through without being tagged.
  • Reload Bay – The gate functions as either a random or team-specific reload bay. Players pass through to reload their power or lives.

Gate gameplay

Team Games with Capture

Players love the Zone Gates in capture mode. Strategically placed gates around the arena, particularly near entrances to team bases create a barrier that players will contest for control. The defending team can tag the gate and turns it their colour, preventing entry without deactivation

Reload Games

Zone Gates function as great reloads. All a play has to do is walk through the gate while out of lives or power and they’ll be recharged. The best thing about the gate is that there’s no extra theming required, and it functions as either a team specific or solo reload.

Solo Games with Random mode

Fitting neatly into any solo game, the random mode on the Zone Gate is heaps of fun for casual players. With Helios Pro, Solo games usually include all 8 colours, so the Gate cycles though this colours, allowing only that colour to pass through for a short amount of time. It’s a fantastic way to increase the arena interactivity for your casual players.

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