2018 is a milestone year for Zone – we’ve now been making laser tag for over 30 years, and we have over 1500 sites running Zone laser tag worldwide, in over 35 countries.

Just as we cracked open the champagne, we found this interesting article in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper.

A story on 19 January 2018, entitled ‘Why this sci-fi never turned into reality’ pokes fun at some of the funny sci-fi concepts that have never quite become a reality.

The article states “Laser guns have been synonymous with science fiction since HG Wells wrote The War of The Worlds in 1898 — yet 120 years later none of us can walk into a gun shop and purchase a Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40w range.” Blah blah blah.

The funny bit is the picture used by The Age…

This (now slightly inappropriate photo) was taken on Chapel Street (South Yarra, Melbourne), outside what was then the famous Fun Factory… Holding an early ‘laser gun’… A Zone laser gun…

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