The most durable and reliable equipment on the market

Zone is the oldest and largest laser tag company in the world, and we take pride in making the most durable and reliable equipment available for the laser tag market.

When it comes to durability, no other laser tag system can match our award-winning laser tag equipment.

Our packs have been tested under the most ruthless conditions and stress testing to make sure your laser tag attraction won’t buckle under abuse or rough play. We’ve seen other laser tag equipment crack and break when dropped and knocked, and our customers deserve better than that!

Below is just some  information on how our equipment will stand the test of time and stress that can happen in your laser tag facility.

Vandalism abuse detection

Our Helios laser tag systems have a built-in vandalism and abuse detector that prevents your equipment from being damaged by accident or on purpose. You can set the detector to remove the player from the game after a pre-set number of potentially damaging instances occur. To see how the detector works, check out the video below.

Protecting your investment is paramount to generating the most revenue possible and no other system can take the amount of abuse our systems can. Rest assured your equipment will still be in one piece at the end of the day.

Self-diagnostic report

The Helios packs conduct a self-diagnostic sweep periodically. The owner or manager can request a self-diagnostic report using the game handheld android device at their convenience.

Self Diagnostic Alerts

Easy to replace Swaptronics

Our Helios laser tag systems are incredibly easy to maintain as any internal component is hot-swappable, meaning you just open the plastics, pull-out any board or part that may be malfunctioning and then replace it with a new board from your spare parts kit. No soldering required! Then you just send us the broken parts back and we’ll replace them for your spare parts kit.

In 1996, we trademarked the term ‘Swaptronics’ to describe the ease of replacing parts on our laser tag equipment. Our technology is designed to assist you in making repairs both easy and quick. The longer your packs are down, the more revenue it’s costing you. We’re dedicated to making sure any pack’s downtime is as minimal as possible.

Swapping out a cable

Maintenance and repair

Maintaining and repairing your laser tag equipment should be easy and quick. We’ve compiled manuals, videos, and programs to assist you in making sure your equipment is up-and-running smoothly for the maximum amount of time. We know that equipment downtime can cost money – and we’re here to help you avoid that!

Below are some of the ways we help to guide you in your repairs and maintenance of your Zone laser tag equipment.

Zone Technical Guides

Maintaining your equipment is essential for every laser tag operator. We’ve meticulously developed comprehensive guides for our products that will keep your Zone products in prime operational condition.

The best way to keep your packs running is through preventative maintenance. That’s why we provide you with the knowledge and technical know-how to keep your system running for 5, 10, even 15 years!

Maintenance logs

Our maintenance logs are specifically designed so that each Zone operator can keep weekly reports on any current issues or problems with their equipment. By filling out this form, our operations (and their technicians and staff) can proactively address any problems with complete and accurate maintenance information.

This is just another way that Zone is looking out for your operations.

Maintenance training videos

We’ve standardised the learning process on how to repair and maintain your equipment!

Our new training videos can walk you though repairing and maintaining your Zone laser tag equipment. From fixing triggers to changing out ‘swaptronics’ and more, Zone again sets the standards for the laser tag industry.

This set of videos are set to release during our next software patch, so stay tuned!

Below are the topics our video series were created to address:

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