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The Zone Customer Support Process

At Zone, we don’t forget about our operators as soon as they’re set-up.

Over the past 30+ years, we have developed and refined the Zone Customer Support Process – it’s now an amazingly simple and effective way for operators to get the support they need.

Our operators love the Zone Customer Support Process – having simple around-the clock support means requests get resolved quickly and effectively, making sites more effective and profitable.

The Zone Customer Support Process has three main elements:

  • Zone Support Portal – online portal for lodging and tracking all support requests, equipment orders, etc.
  • Zone Support Line – 24/7 support phone number where you can always get support when you need it.
  • Zone Operator Kit – a Dropbox-based repository for loads of documents and information which help operators

This is just one of the ways we’re trying to improve to make our operator’s lives easier!

Zone Support Portal

All Zone support is managed though the Zone Support Portal. This includes repairs, system issues, equipment orders, general system queries, etc.

The Zone Support Portal runs on Spiceworks; a simple web-based system designed for ticket management. You can access the ‘Zone Support Portal’ button on the header bar on the ZLTE website. The Zone Support Portal lets you create and manage multiple ticket types (orders, repairs, requests, etc.) easily, in one place, and in real-time wherever you are.

Zone Support Line

If you need immediate help, you can always call the 24-hour a day, seven-day-a-week Zone Support Line.

The Zone Support Line cycles through a roster of Zone support staff, based across Europe, Asia, and Australia – depending on the time of day. Across our support team we can support over a dozen languages (English, German, Dutch, Polish, French, Spanish, etc.).

It’s important to us our operators always get the help they need, in the language they need, exactly when they need it!

Zone Operator Kit

In 2017, following requests from our operators to make our document library more extensive and more accessible, we created the new Dropbox‑based ‘Zone Operator Kit’.

The Zone Operator Kit is a living Dropbox-based repository for all material which may be useful for operators, including user guides, marketing materials, software, spare part order forms, media library, and much more.

To date there are over 2000 items in this library, and we will continue adding new material, and new translations, over time.

For more information on the Zone Operator Kit, please visit its page here.

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