Zone Bases

Zone’s Bases mean more than just blinking targets for team games, they mean profits and exciting options for your corporate and group events.

Team games can account for almost two thirds of your laser tag game sales.

Groups, corporate, and lock-in events often require additional options, targets, and game strategies to sell a memorable experience. The simplicity of bases can make strategic options available and a strong selling point for your events. That’s why we offer these bases as part of every HELIOS package.

Unlike the competition, however, Zone Bases aren’t just basic targets. Of all our arena devices, the Outpost is the most versatile, the most connected, and the most game-play supported. That’s why many arenas will have 6 or more!

The bases are fully programmable with our HELIOS Software to add a number of options and game formats.

Bases can offer a strategic element of defence and extra points for players to score with.

  • Eight team colours
  • Solo mode
  • Loud speaker audio
  • Brilliant LED lights
  • DMX triggering of events
  • Preprogramed light events
  • Reload mode
  • Defence mode – will tag players back
  • Have up to 8 in a Helios Pro arena

Base Gameplay

Capture the Flag
The old classic gets a blast of new energy with Zone Outposts. Each team must work together both offensively, to pick up their opposition’s flag, and defensively, to protect their own. Tag an opposition’s base to take the flag and return it to your own base in order to capture it and score. But be careful, players can only capture the flag if their base has their own flag in it.

Base Clones
A thrilling solo game, Base Clones really gets the blood pumping. In this game all bases act as one; when a player destroys a base, all other bases will also be destroyed. Anyone caught in the blast radius will also be tagged!

Kaboom! is an intense Zone game in which players must collect keys in order to “Kaboom” (destroy) all players. To collect the keys players must tag bases. When a player has collected all but one key, all bases go on lockdown, that player changes to Cyan and all other players must focus on finding that player before they hit the last base and—KABOOM!

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