The most exciting event in the world of laser tag…

Zone is the oldest and largest laser tag company in the world, and we’re proud to have been leading the world’s best competitive laser tag tournament for 15 years.

Not to brag: but wherever you’re from and whatever system you play locally, if you play at ‘Worlds’ (as it’s known throughout the laser tag community) you play with Zone!

The Zone Laser Tag World Championships, which have been running since 2003, are the ‘can’t miss’ event of the global laser tag community.

The first Worlds, in 2003, was hosted by Ultrazone in San Diago, in the USA, and was won by the team from Ground Zero Laser Tag in Indiana, USA.
In 2017, the Zone Laser Tag World Championship was in Belfort, France.

World Championship Logo
World Championship Logo

We can’t help but be a little proud that the winning team in 2007 we’re Aussies, from Albury, in Victoria. Given Zone started in Victoria more than 30 years ago, it’s little wonder our friends from ‘down under’ have got the advantage…

World Championship Players

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