Zone Laser Sports is a fast paced sport style laser tag game in which players compete, not in an arena, but on a court. This is laser tag as you’ve never seen before: a competitive, exhilarating and energetic game played on a basketball court, a football ground or at your local fair.

Unlike traditional laser tag operations, Zone Laser Sports is a fully portable system, designed to be taken to and set up at a school, a fair, a sports centre or a convention. It is the perfect system to couple with an action adventure day at a school, or to set up a social or competitive league. The Zone Laser Sports arena is separated into two halves, with inflatable obstacles providing cover.

The Laser Sports Kit

The Zone Laser Sports kit is a complete system ready to roll out to venues. It’s complete with the Helios 2 laser tag system from Zone Laser Tag, Wi-Fi bases, operation/scoreboard PC and preloaded lasers sports games. There are 11 inflatable obstacles of varying sizes to set up in the court.The entire system can run on batteries, including the control server. Additional offline-online membership and player alias allocation are available.

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