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Zone’s immense laser tag experience is brought to the small attractions market with the much anticipated release of the Helix Shooting Gallery. Filling a Family Entertainment Centre niche, the Helix SG is a themed attraction, larger than an arcade machine, but fitting neatly into those hard-to-fill spaces in typical FECs. Fill unused space with a money generating attraction.

Each pod comes complete with the Helix game system, two laser guns (phasers) and a coin mechanism (or touch-card system). Utilising Zone’s popular target technology, payers tag targets in a themed environment, score points and compete against each other. There are six exciting game modes, from team and solo classic to Virus more, Sharpshooter and Territory.

  • Super-bright LED pods and phasers
  • Attraction mode
  • HD touch screen controls and scores
  • 6 amazing game formats
  • Video instructions

Helix Shooting Gallery Game Formats


The game operates in 3 rounds. In the first round, players must tag as many targets as possible. In the second round, players must only tag targets that match the colour of their phasor. In the third round, players must only tag targets that do not match the colour of their phasor.


Hold off the infection by tagging green targets as they light up. Once a target is red, it’s infected and there’s no bringing it back. How long can you hold out?

Helix Setup

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