Helios CE Pack

Looking for an affordable, rugged, and user friendly laser tag product for your entertainment facility? Helios CE is the latest line of laser tag equipment from Zone Laser Tag, the industry leader in laser tag equipment technology.

Redesigned from the baseline set by the incredibly popular Nexus and Rift systems, and with the latest technology, we are able to implement a high end system clearly more advanced than any competitor at a price that is truly amazing. Vastly improved reliability with a longer warranty and so many new features, Helios has the famous Zone Laser Tag look-and-feel, plus our fast action play with the instantaneous hit recognition that has made us number ONE worldwide!


Man with a Helios Pack

Global Membership

Zone’s global membership system comes alive for players in Helios CE by tapping into the massively popular world of online gaming.

Embedded into each and every game are sets of skills and achievements for players to work toward brag about.

With custom printed member cards, logging on with a simple tap and photos and avatars that show on screen and scoreboard when tagging, laser tag membership has never been so engaging.

Zone membership boosts repeat play and creates outstanding marketing opportunities, from the cards themselves to Facebook integration and database marketing.

Intuitive Gameplay

Helios CE continues decades of Zone’s famous laser tag feel. The vests are comfortable, light and durable, and specifically designed to be easy to put on and wear. Colours and lasers are bright, tagging is accurate, games are fair, and players are rewarded for doing well, both in the game and through the membership system with achievements and rankings. Helios CE comes bundled with 22 unique customize able games. Check out the Helios CE Big Book of Games for a complete list of Helios CE games.

Durable Hardware

Helios CE draws on and improves enormous success of Nexus and Rift, collectively the highest selling systems worldwide. Helios CE streamlines laser tag play, heightening excitement and simplifying operations and reducing overheads. Players love the Zone feel—it’s just awesome fun—and operators know they’re getting a safe and durable product that will keep their customers coming back.

The Helios CE platform is brilliant fun, with bright colours, sounds, animations, feedback and an awesome green laser. We’ve kept and improved on our core vest design, built with combination or polypropylene mesh (the same material as trampolines), coarse cell foam, wetsuit material and seatbelt webbing for edging. It’s light, durable and comfortable—for both men and women -—and it’s sweat resistant and easy to clean.

Laser Tag Operations

Helios CE is specifically designed to streamline laser game operations. The corporate edition or laser tag is primarily suited to multi-attraction entertainment centres, where time management and staffing are key factors.

The Helios has seen the introduction of Mobile Operation Control (MOC). From the palm of your hand the operator can start and finish games types, interact with vests, change settings and colours, print scorecards, and access diagnostics data. The application, running on an android mobile device, vastly improves operational complexity and time management.

Unlike some competitors, our software platform is completely inclusive. There are no hidden extras and no paying for updates or additional games.

Diagnostic Tools

The Helios platform, along with the introduction of MOC, provides diagnostics and maintenance tools to streamline operations. Every LED, speaker, sensor, charger, cable and much more is routinely checked and any faults reported instantly. The operator receives instant notifications—faults are therefore fixed earlier, keeping the maximum number of vests running at all times.

A diagnostic overview of all vests at all times enables quick identification of issues, whether that be a faulty sensor or low battery charge. Every board is embedded with unique identification, accurately tracking faults and resolving issues faster.

Our Helios laser tag systems are incredibly easy to maintain as any internal component is hot-swappable, meaning you just open the plastics, pull out any circuit board or part that may be malfunctioning and then replace it with a new board from your spare parts kit. No soldering required!

Arena Accessories

With Helios CE, the players are already wearing the thrills. Combined with Zone’s range of Arena Accessories, those players are immersed in a vibrant, interactive game experience. Arena accessories bring new exciting experiences for players.Zone Bases – Bases (or Outposts) have been the staple of laser tag for decades, and zone bases are no exception. They are strategic centre points for teams to strategize around and become targets for exciting and fun battles.

Zone Targets – Targets are zone’s most popular arena add on—and for good reason. These bright little devices bring games alive, even when there are only a few players.

Zone Gates – Gates are multi-functional arena doorways that can be captured and turned against opponents. Integrating our popular target technology, the Zone Gate can tag and be tagged by players and adds something special to the Zone game architecture.

Girl wearing a Helios Pack


Above – Your success is our success. As the largest laser game developer, and with our global distribution network, we’re able offer 24/7 technical support around the globe.

Beyond – If there’s something we can do to reduce costs and increase revenue, we’ll pursue it. That’s why we’ve produced an awesome live-action briefing available in multiple languages. We’ve opened up our marketing database, providing access to thousands of images, videos, brochures and posters. We’ve even produced an album of game music that comes preinstalled. All this is at no extra cost to you. It’s just our way going the extra mile for our operators.


Helios Briefing Video

With the Helios release, we’ve developed an exciting new live-action briefing video! Designed to be customisable per site and language, the briefing video is provided to customers as part of the Helios package.

Zone Arena Music

Operators know that music is key to a fun and exciting atmosphere. But costs can be an issue. Working with an exciting new sound artist, we’ve developed 50 minutes of high intensity music—from the styles of soundtrack and electronic dance music—and provided to our customers at no extra charge. And we’re working on another CD. Let us know what you’d like to hear in the Zone arena.

Zone Android Scoreboard

The days of installing expensive and often large Windows PCs are over. Android boxes can support a huge range of operating needs….

Full Features Diagrams

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