The Game Stations are special interactive wall-mounted, touch screen devices incorporated into the Helios game architecture. The backlit Perspex CNC milled is bright and beautiful and draws players in. Game stations instantly recognize and respond to any player in the vicinity; they bring standard laser games alive with fun and excitement and add multitudes or custom laser game options and formats!

Introducing the Game Station Quiz Zone: players answer question Who-Wants-to-be-a-Millionaire style for points and special powers. The questions are completely customisable. The operator can change them as desired and sacrifice school and corporate groups the opportunity to set their own questions. It’s a fantastic way to upsell team-building events!

  • Power-ups – Players swipe for Stealth, Invulnerability, Rapid Fire, Team Destroyer etc.
  • Secret Agent – Players change their colour for a short period of time
  • Assassins – Players take missions to tag specific players for bonus points and much more
  • Birthday – Only the birthday player can access to get heaps of special powers
  • Scoreboard – In-game scoreboard
  • Quiz Zone – Players answer questions for customisable points and powers

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